Graphic Score

Notation system for improvisation, or ‘free playing’

The grid requires four players.

The aim of the grid is to create a framework for improvised music or ‘free playing’ that determines a structure for players to manoeuvre through, but is not restrictive in so much as it does not dictate the rhythm, key, or time music should be played at.

Each player picks a colour, red, yellow, green or blue.It is important that you stick to this colour but also bear in mind which colours everyone else has picked.

When your colour enters a square you must act accordingly for the duration you are in that particular section of the gird.

Pool – A group activity, all players in this section play ‘together’.

Stop – When in this section you should not play.

Solo – You must solo over the other players.

Accent – A short burst of activity that can be repeated.

Call & Response – You must listen to the other player(s) in the section, they will play a short piece that you should respond to, this will go back and forth.

Raise – This has several options, it can refer to key, time or volume; but whatever you are doing at the time you enter this section you should ‘raise’ it.

Lower – This works the same way as Raise, but instead you should ‘lower’ whatever you are doing when you enter this section.

The players are assigned a colour which they must follow across the grid and respond accordingly. The squares can be triggered by a standard keyboard and because of its virtual nature it can be triggered remotely.