Becoming a successful graphic designer (Creative Careers)

As students prepare to enter the world of work, there are many decisions that they need to make about what type of career they want: Freelancing? Working in a design agency? Setting up their own business? They also need the practical advice about how to work with clients, how to organize themselves, billing, etc. Through interviews with people at all levels of design, the author provides down to earth and straight forward information that is relevant to today’s students looking to start a career in design.


Featuring interviews with:

Jessica Hische, Jessica Walsh, Acmé Paris, Janine Vangool (UPPERCASE), Lisa Hassell (WE ARE GOODNESS), Nick Clement (Glug), Lotta Nieminen, Roger Proctor, This is Crowd, and more!


This is an amazing book and one I am very pleased to have come across. I will be using this as a one of my key texts for the unit, and I will be encouraging all students to buy it. It covers all aspects of how to move into a successful design career; from looking at places of work, to the range and how to apply for varied and different types of opportunities, including the importance of attitude and networking!

Sallyanne Theodosiou, University for Creative Arts, UK


Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), Bloomsbury